Monday, August 11, 2008



Several years ago while driving to Manila, Ves and I found ourselves in a life and death situation. We got stuck in traffic along the railway tracks in espanya and the train was already coming. The cars around us were starting to panic yet I managed to just laugh about it. I don't know why but I was just sure that we'd get out of there alive. We managed to move just in time(syempre kung di just in time eh di wala na ako dito ngayon). That experience became our running joke that whenever we'd go through crap and stress, we'd always tell ourselves that if we got past the train in Espanya, we'd get past through anything.

Last night I had an "Espanya" moment. Maybe it was fatigue, the heat, the meds or a combination of them all but I wasn't doing well last night. When I got home from MOA I was suffering from my vertigo symptoms again and my head felt like it was splitting into two. Everytime I'd close my eyes the symptoms worsen. I had trouble breathing again. Add all those to my ever cramming nature and of course viola! I needed to finish a poster for the PAP conference on thursday and I found out that all my files were in KL. Then there's the issue of how to layout the poster for which I have no idea of (thank goodness may photoshop guru diyan..)

It became so bad last night that I just fell asleep because of the bad symptoms. I was supposed to talk to my friend about the poster layout and I didn't even here his messages. patay! Woke up around 1am only to realize that I totally missed the call.

Hay life. Exciting. May iniwan pang regalo si Large sa carpet.

Then I saw Ves' email this morning. She was having a crappy day herself. She wrote "wala naman akong jtaime powers against the Espanya train." And I found myself remembering-- I did it before. Why can't I bring myself to believe right now?

My sister believed in my panic mode powers. I nearly forgot I had that ability to withstand pressure despite everything. So maybe I need to just remind myself of that. I made it (well we made it) through the Espanya train. I can do this.

5 minutes of self pity over.

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Anonymous said...

nasa MOA ka sunday night? sayang andun kami guminik ng tropa saturday night :)