Sunday, December 04, 2005

An (extra) ordinary weekend

Spent another weekend with my good friends playing badminton, pigging out on food, and laughing our hearts out until 3am today. I guess, you could call it tradition now-- we play then we eat and party. Yesterday, we decided to go marketing instead of the usual potluck. Len and I went to Marikina wet market last friday to do shopping for our dinner last night (Filipino dishes was our theme). I cooked tokwat baboy and salsa (for the chips) while len made tahong & shrimp soup and raffy broiled liempo. Karen also made pasta and dessert.

We played at Greenpark first. I had a great game with Mike Liit againsta Peter and Aldwin. My knees nearly gave out due to fatigue but it was worth it. Mike and I were able to win 1 set against our formidable foes. Kei and I also partnered in womens doubles and had a blast running all over the court. We came from an 8 point deficit to win one set. Though we lost a lot of games, it was fun nonetheless. It was never about winning but getting to practice some new tricks and learning new plays. After play we headed out to Len and George's house.

Our kris kringle is already on its second week and our theme this week is "something soft and chewy." My mommy kringle appears to have an affinity for mentos that I received another pack of it for this week. Last week he/she also gave me one for "long and hard." I can't wait to find out who he/she is. mababatukan ko yon. hehehe. We also posted our wish lists on the garage walls. My wish? Anything but mentos. hehehe. My "baby" is still clueless about my identity. And I can't wait for my baby to discover who I am. Im sure that he/she (secret kung anong gender!!)would love to clobber me now after all the gifts I've given. Kung alam lang niya na ako yon at di ang mga suspects niya.hahahaha

We had a blast laughing all night. George nearly clobbered me with the stool when I told him that my wish for him is to have more hair. hehehe. I was running all over the garage trying to dock away from him. We had a grand time lambasting our "favorite" folks and "okraying"each other out. Even Daddy stayed with us for some time to give Karen her usual "homily." But the most unforgetable part for me was when Karen said those "magic words." I nearly choked the coke I was drinking in shock. Hopefully everyone was too drunk to remember it. =P

It was already 3:30 in the morning when I got home. Peter, Luis and I finally said goodbye to our barkada at around 3:15. Of course, it took us forever again to get out. Sabi nga ni peter, isang oras ang paalaman sa barkadang ito.

We rarely get to appreciate ordinary things in life. Most of the time we forget about them. But then you realize that its the ordinary things that are the most extraordinary. And it makes you appreciate these ordinary events more. One time, a friend asked me why I never get bored with my barkada-- we talk about the same thing three times a week and we're all practically together almost every day.

I have a simple answer to that-- because these ordinary folks make life extraordinary. And moments that seem so simple become so special.

my life became extraordinary when you came along. thank you.

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