Monday, December 12, 2005

Kris Kringle Nights

My vocabulary expanded over the weekend. I never knew that there exists a word such as "kachumba." In truth, there is none-- but out of the blue, the never heard of word was introduced to me by Mark. A by product of being drunk I guess. Not to mention 3 hours of playing badminton nonstop with no rest. The gang's usual weekend.

Over the past three weekends, we've been having kris kringle nights. Gifts cannot exceed 20.00 (Napakadami palang mabibili sa 20 pesos) and it should follow the theme for that week (Something long and hard, something soft & chewy, something hygenic) . For some reason, my "mother" decided to give me an endless supply of mentos. Well at least last night, he/she decided to add on a bar of soap (opened), toothbrush, rejoice and vaseline shampoo sachet (unfortunately allergic ako dun) and a piece of sanitary napkin (wow! alam niya na meron ako!!) to the my weekly supply of mentos. Kaloka. Whoever my "mommy" is, naku! humanda siya sa kin!.. As for my baby, lost child pa din siya.. Di pa rin niya gets na ako ang mom niya (Sino ba naman kasi ang maglalakas loob na mang asar sa yo no?!!!). Pero "he" claims he knows who my "mommy" is. I'm sure gusto na niya akong sapukin sa king mga ever "creative" gifts. hahaha.

The gang set another record last saturday. We stayed up until 4:30 am at Len's just laughing our hearts out and teasing each other to death. I never knew that there exists a person who can't say the letter "r" (Peace mama yen!) . We laughed about the most mundane things. Even just saying each other's name brought about fits of laughter (Petel, geoge, mak, macle, hasel, etc.). Luis called for several timeouts coz he couldn't breathe anymore. Peter didn't have a watch and my celphone and I took a break from each other so no one really bothered to look at the time.

We had our usual menu of food, beer, and asarans. I cooked hotdog, pesto and invented a new cheese dip. Lahat ng absent ginisa. Pati ang present ginisa din... It was a great night indeed. George didn't leave us for one thing. Twitheart made it to the long goodbye session without falling asleep and we finally saw Luis feel tired (siya ang natulog!). We had lengthy discussions about some serious stuff (wish!!) like the great girlie question, "which is the better napkin, non wings or with wings?" Peter even gave us a mini lecture on how to use a tampon (at pano niya alam? ewan!). George also gave a demo on how to use disposable ear currettes (pangtanggal ng tutuli for short). It just shows how bonded our group is that everything is almost an open book about us. Conversations went from one topic to another (nahihilo na nga si partner eh!). And no one was spared from the teasings---Len's "Brrrr", George's "hair" (or lack of it), Mark's "kachumba", Macre's "maam len!", Luis' "ref", Raffy's "T" (yung nawawala!), Peter's "hongdeng razor" (mag shave ka na daw kasi! hehehe) and lots more. Even I had to endure several "hazel" moments.

I can't wait for saturday night once more.

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