Sunday, December 04, 2005

Survey (again)

1.YouR HoRoSCoPe?
:: Aquarius

2. SiNGLe oR TaKen?
:: It's complicated. =P

3. iN LoVe?
:: Forever

4. HaVe You eVeR BeeN SeRiouSLY HuRT BY THe PeRSeN You LoVeD
:: yes. It's part of the package that comes with loving.

5. WHaT WouLD Be YouR ReaSoN iF You TuRNeD SuiCiDaL?
:: I really have no idea. I think I value life too much to even contemplate on suicide.

6. iS SuiCiDe ReaLLY KiLLiNG YouRSeLF?
:: It's not living the life you're meant to live.

7. CouNTRY oR CLaSSic?
:: In what sense? Furniture-- any.

8. PReFeR CuTe/iDioT oR SMaRT/uGLY?
:: smart/ugly na lang. I hate talking to people who make no sense

9. aRe You iN a STaBLE ReLaTioNSHiP WiTH YouR BF/GF?
:: Boy na friends and Girl na friends.

10. You`D eXPeCT a TeXT MeSSaGe uSuaLLY FRoM
:: anyone but peter (peace!!!)

11. HaVe a BeST FRieND THaT iS in the oPPoSiTe GeNDeR?
:: yes.

12. WHaT Do You LiKe DoiNG WHeN YouR DePReSSeD

13. CHeeRFuL oR BoRiNG
:: cheerful... kakaiba ang trip sa buhay

14. DeSCRiBe a PeRFeCT DaTe?
:: spending time with the person who makes you feel that every ordinary moment is an extraordinary time. .. eating bbq in the fast food with the one who makes you smile.

:: Never bothered to ask.

16. eVeR BeeN HuRT BY LoVe?
:: Several Times

17. WiLL You eVeR MaKe THe SaMe MiSTaKe aGaiN?
:: We have our stupidity moments or should I say weak moments but I try to learn with each mistake :p

18. eVeR HaTeD aNYoNe LiKe HeLL???
:: almost

19. WHaT WiLL You Do WHeN a PeRSoN BReaKS uP WiTH You aFTeR oNeDaY?
:: I have no idea. Feel hurt I guess. But learn to live.

20. GiVe oNe WoRD THaT BeST DeSCRiBeS WHaT You`Re FeeLiNG Now?
:: sleepy but happy (ay three words pala yon)

21. Do You BeLieVe iN YouRSeLF?
:: most of the time I do.

:: hmmm.. pag katangahan lang.

23. eVeR VeRBaLLY HuRT YouRSeLF?
:: negative self talk at times during tournaments

24. MoTTo iN LiFe
:: live each moment as if it was your last; love with all your heart.

25.WHaT iS YouR PuRPoSe iN LiFe
:: to love and make a difference in another person's life

26. HaVe You eVeR HaD FeeLiNGS aBouT a FRieND FroM The oPPoSiTe GeNDeR?
:: what kind of feeling? Hate? yes. Love? Hmm.. no comment na lang. hahahaha

27. iF YeS, WhaT DiD You Do
:: Ask my girlfriends.=P I used to be the bravest girl in the world when it comes to dares, now, I don't know what happened.

28. iS FaMe & MoNeY THe MoST iMPoRTaNT THiNGS iN YouR LiFe?
:: Not the most important but you do need some of it. I know what matters to me.

29. Do You MaKe aNY MoVeMeNTS oR SouNDS WHeN You`Re SLeePiNG?
:: turning from sides to sides. unconscious shadow play with my arm (mimicking my badminton swings)

30. aRe You DiFFiCuLT To WaKe uP?
:: i can answer the phone after one ring while asleep.

31. HoW oFTeN Do You SLeeP?
:: depends on the day. TTHS-- barely. Sundays-- WHOLE DAY

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