Tuesday, February 07, 2006

29 Years

I turned 29 yesterday. I celebrated my special day with some special friends-- my kids at PCMC in the morning and my badminton tropa in the evening. Every year I traditionally have a party for my birthday but this year I thought I'd do something different. The mini kiddie party at pcmc was so refreshing. My tutorial kids made me feel so blessed and happy. I didn't expect their surprise gifts. Ralph's mom made some buko pandan for everyone, Beth provided the pancit, Monique gave me a cute mug. Ziv and Pauline both gave me precious hugs.

After my children's party, I went straight home to cook for my badminton gang. I labored to finish the much requested lasagna, aligue pasta, beef with mushrooms, salsa, hotdog and peach cobbler. By the time I got my cake at shoppersville I was so plastered already. The manong even drove me nuts by asking me if the candles I was requesting was for a girl or a boy (hello! pink cake na heart with happy birthday hazel as an inscription?!!!).

Peter was the first to arrive followed by Fr. Ben and Ella some two hours later. While waiting for everyone, we decided to check out my growing movie collection which unfortunately I havent been able to watch. hehehe. When the gang was finally complete it was a night of roaring laughters. Mark and George took care of entertainment followed by karen. It was hillarious watching the boys scramble to the cr for fear that they would see a ghost. I even pulled a trick over mark when I closed all the lights. The party lasted till 2am.

I'm grateful for the 29 years of my life. I know I live on borrowed time and I hope that this year I will finally be able to make the difference I promised myself.

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