Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Keeping the Faith

I told Ella I didn't expect any miracles yesterday. I hoped for one but I didn't expect any. Life is easier that way-- you don't set yourself up for any disappointment. In hope you invite the possibility of surprise whereas in expecting you invite disappointment.

It was a valentine's day filled with laughter for me. The day started with brunch with my three kumare's at bite club. the 1 pound XXX burger was the best meal I had in days. We were so noisy in the restaurant that you could hear our stories all the way down to the CR in the first floor. We had a blast laughing about Karen's misadventures in dating. Nakakabilib din ang kumare kong ito-- how she keeps faith despite the bloopers. We laughed about my own woes and the girls tried their best to appease my wary heart. After brunch we decided to go for the best therapy for a broken heart-- get a haircut!! We trooped to my tita's parlor and got ourselves a new look for valentine's. Len had her hair layered while Macre, Karen, and I had a trim.

Still not wanting to go home, we decided to go to riverbanks and buy some dvds and surf the net for Karen's mystery boylet. Unfortunately we couldnt identify him (ayaw pa kasi ipakilala!!!). We hanged out at Len's afterwards before picking up Marlou at PB. He and Karen were joining a valentine's day tournament in Makati (of course eventually champion ang kumare ko!!).

I went home afterwards for a nap and then went back to playersbest. We had no intention of playing but Luis was so persistent that Mark, Macre and I agreed to play with him. Peter later arrived on court but did not play. The gang played with other v-day addicts-- tita lily, revy and recsy and jabar. After two hours of hard core badminton action, we trooped back to provident for a late valentine's dinner.

We laughed and partied till 1:30 am. We actually forgot that it was a tuesday and we had work the next day. Di talaga papatalo ang mga kakulitan nina Mark, Joey, Peter, George at Karen. Star of the night si Luis who had his homily session with Daddy. My tummy hurt so bad from laughing at Karen's "lolo" stories with George's matching mimics. Walang pinatawad-- from Mark's kumpay and La Condena to Len's braso, Raffy's special visitor na biglang dumating and u-me's gramatically challenging texts. Mark and George's version of Katawan was so hilarious!

I did not expect any miracles on Valentines Day. But I got one. Life indeed has a way of surprising you. Kung tutuusin ang babaw ko nga eh. But it was more than enough to make my day.

It wasn't exactly the ending I wanted but it was perfect in its own way. I told Ella that at least yesterday gave me hope-- that rainbows will come my way eventually. And maybe that's what's V-day is really all about-- Restoring our faith that in the end, things will work out for the best.

We just need to keep the faith.

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