Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Bittersweet Victories

Our tropa was once again victorious over the weekend at the Mon Ilagan Cup held at the Featheralley Badminton Court. Everyone went home a winner except for our two kumare's who were robbed of victory because of some sore losers. I played in level C with a new partner. We lost the first runner up position by 1 point. It was a heartbreaking loss. We lost due to errors. But still I was happy knowing that it was the first time I went beyond the lowest level in ladies doubles. The court was also poorly maintained that you hardly see the shuttlecock until it was too late and that added to our burdens.

The victory would have been complete if not for the ugly scratch someone left in my car. Someone was mean enough to scratch my car's door while parked in the court's parking lot. It was so frustrating that it nearly ruined my day. Buti na lang Peter and Luis creamed their opponents kaya nabalik ang ngiti ko. Galing ng mga batang isip! hahaha!

After the games we went to visit Leslie's wake once more. There were so many people. We stayed with Marivic for a while before heading out to Len's place once more for our traditional Saturday night quorum. I realized that night how Saturday is not complete without that trip to Provident. No matter how late it was, we still trooped to our favorite hangout and sat on the coded chairs (pampayat at pang mataba!).

We went home tired and sleepy at 2 am. It was one heck of a day--filled with laughter, anxieties and tears. But most of all filled with great memories.

3 days before D-Day..

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