Friday, March 17, 2006

The Final Hours

11 hours to go before I will fight for my right to be called a doctor. Funny how a title can mean so much to so many people yet appear so ordinary for some. As much as I want to be the full pledged phd, I also know that there's something more.

What I have gained the past few days in terms of insights and learnings can surpass the learnings of three phds.

I've learned that in life people are bound to disappoint you but if you care to look around, there'll be angels who will surprise you. Minsan may dala pa silang Kape!

I've learned that even those whom you thought know you well can end up misjudging you. But you can choose to either be angry or just accept the hard truth that in the end you are your very own judge. No one can hurt you as much as you allow him to.

I've learned that titles are just that-- titles.

I've learned that it's hard to be intelligent at times.. Di mo magawang maging slow. =) Sabi nga ni cha, not that we're bragging pero di ba ang hirap di pansinin ang mga bagay na super obvious na?!

I've learned that if you love yourself enough you can take charge of your life and claim it as your own. Even if that life does not conform to what others may want. In the end it's your choice.

I've learned that it might be okay to be like wise guru antover or as deadma as partner. You don't get hurt much. Kaso I'm not built that way.

I've learned not to be angry but embrace hurt when I feel it and not be ashamed.

I learned to be brave.

At 2pm today if I am lucky i will end up with a new addition to my name-- hazel ramos, phd. If given the choice, i'd like to be hazel, the brave.

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