Friday, March 24, 2006

The Things That Matter

Last year I told myself my graduate school life will end on March 25, 2006. I didn't think I 'd make it but I did. And even though I won't be joining my friends in the ceremonies tomorrow, I still consider myself like them--a graduate. I earned my right to be called one last week. A ceremony missed will never take that honor away.

Six years ago I remember talking to my college dean about titles and their meanings.I was supposed to graduate with honors but was stripped off the title because of a technicality. I was so depressed then because I deliberately stayed back 1 sem to make sure my gpa would be high enough. The medal would have meant that I was able to turn my life around after a really bad start in college. I worked hard for that medal and to be stripped of it 3 days before the ceremony was heartbreaking. But my dean was right, no one could take the honor away from me. She told me that in the end, it's just a medal but what I did and what I accomplished will never be taken away.

She was right. Life is like that. We do not often get what we want in the packaging we want but you earn your happiness not by the medals and trophies you bring home but by the hardwork you did in order to accomplish your goal.

Bawat karangalan ay pinaghihirapan. Bawat luha ay may kapalit na ligaya.

We always say that in the end it's not about winning or losing but fighting the good fight. This year I've learned that in so many ways not only in badminton, in school but also in life. I know I always end up choosing the road less travelled. May pagka masochista din ako eh. hahaha. Karen would often scold me for my unusual choices. But I always say, I'd rather lose with integrity than win without heart.

Life is short. I don't expect a long life and who knows if I am still here tomorrow. So maybe I am indeed a masochist, but I'd like to believe its just my way of trying to be brave.

If I could choose between having my friend again and all the titles in the world, I'd choose my friend any second of the day. It's just a title that became meaningful because of you.

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Congrats, another dr. ramos. :)
galing galing. :)