Thursday, March 09, 2006

Saying Goodbye

Yesterday we bid farewell to a good friend. Our badminton katropa Leslie died yesterday noontime. It came as a shock since it was barely a month ago when he started to get sick. When the news came to me I nearly froze in my seat while having lunch with my best friend Ella. I called the first person I thought of but unfortunately he was not answering his phone as usual(sana kasi ang cellphone sinasagot paminsan minsan partner, =)). Then I called Macre. The entire afternoon was spent texting all our friends and telling them the sad news. There were so many questions as to the why's and how's but clearly all that really mattered was our friend was gone. By night time I had a full grown migraine and had the worst hyperacidity in months. Stress does that to me. It was a really sad day for us.

I told Tita Nel how it seemed like it was only yesterday when pamilya badminton had its inagural tournament. That was when I first met Leslie and Marivic. They were the formidable pair to beat. Not only were they playing partners they were also partners at heart. Peter and I played against them in the semifinals. It was a good game. We got to play against them 2 weeks before in a practice game but we were not yet introduced. Through the months that followed, we bonded with them on and off court. Just a couple of weeks ago, Mavic and I were even joking about wedding makeup with ate grace.

How heartbreaking it is to lose someone you love so early. My heart goes out to my friend Mavic and her loss. With the pamilya anniversary coming up, I told tita how sad it was that we'd celebrate it minus one kapamilya.

I'd like to remember Leslie from the last time we played. Peter and I played against him and Mavic. I didn't know then that it would be our last matchup. Peter and I won but not without having lots of fun and banters on court. That's how our games have always been-- no one ends up losing because you all have fun. Then afterwards Les and I partnered up. We lost but we had lots of laughter on court too.

He was a true gentleman and real nice guy. He will be most missed.

Goodbye Leslie. Enjoy playing badminton in heaven. See you =)

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