Friday, March 03, 2006

The Good and The Bad Dreams

For the past two nights I've been having lots of dreams while asleep. One was good and the other was bad. The first one I dreamt I was with this friend whom I've been missing for some time now. It was a nice dream coz there we finally got to talk. The second dream still involved my friend but this time we were back to reality-- how we rarely spoke these days. I woke up crying.

The easiest therapy they say is to immerse yourself with work. Now I realized it's not as easy as it used to be. We change priorities, we change dreams. You grow up. And you realize that there are simply things more important than work.

I'm nearly done with my dissertation. My gratitude goes to my adviser whose patience and tiyaga is immeasurable. To work on something while your mind is somewhere else is the hardest task in the world. You push yourself beyond your limits not knowing what it is for.

Somewhere along the road I think I must have lost track of my heart. I've got to find that again.

I have to find me again

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Anonymous said...

I dreamt that I was attending you wedding. The groom was my high school ka batch. Hehehe. Weird lng talaga dreams ko that night, about weddings kasi nakabili ako ng shoes for wedding. hihihi..