Thursday, January 26, 2006

Happy Thoughts

After nearly three weeks, we saw our friend smile and laugh on court again. It was a moment that nearly took my breathe away. For weeks I've watched my friend become more sullen than ever. I could not understand what was happening and I guess I just tried to be as patient as I can. There were times I was nearly at my wits end trying to figure things out. And at times I still am confused. But seeing my friend smile again gave me hope--that things will be better soon. I am just happy to have my friend back. Kahit na halos mamatay matay ako sa pagod nung tuesday, it made everything worth it.

Sabi nga nina Karen, super babaw ko daw. True. One smile was enough to make my day. One laugh made my week. I guess I just miss my friend. I miss seeing my friend happy. Super sungit kasi lately. As much as I try to appear not affected, I feel sad still. I feel sad that the one who makes me smile and laugh is the one in need of smiles and laughters these days. And with less than two weeks to go before my birthday, I'm wishing that things will become brighter soon.

Welcome back. Sana di ka na mag emote... Kakamiss din ang mga tawa mo eh.

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