Monday, January 16, 2006

Monday Hugs

I haven't been feeling well since last night. In fact early this morning I woke up with a slight fever. Not wanting to miss class or my internship, I headed out to pcmc for my monday tutorials. I missed my kids there last week due to a flat tire episode so I didn't want to miss this week's tutorial session again. Arriving a few minutes late I was greeted by the smiles of Ziv, Monique, Rustom, Renato, Adam, and Paulene-- all kids with cancer and other life threatening illnesses. Later on Ralph joined us as well. We did our usual lessons of reading and writing and afterwards we had our art lessons. In the middle of our session, Paulene suddenly stood up and gave me a hug.It was as if she noticed that I wasn't feeling well. She then proceeded to sit on my lap and hugged me once more. I was so touched by her sweet gesture that I actually forgot I wasn't feeling well.

Before I left for school, I was given three more hugs courtesy of my little girls. For a few minutes there, I didn't want to let go.

Sometimes I wonder how God can put such gracious little angels through so much pain. I don't think I'll ever fully understand that. But one thing I learned from these kids is that you can still give so much despite having so little. And that sometimes the little things are the things that mean the most.

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