Monday, January 23, 2006

Little Life Goals

My body is half numb until now. I wouldn't be surprised because I played 18 hard sets of badminton last Saturday. It was worth it naman coz I finally got to accomplish one of my secret goals in badminton. I finally beat one of my biggest opponents on court. My best friends thought it was so funny and mababaw of me to have such a goal but honestly, I thought it was such a big goal on my part. I used to be stomped a lot on court by this opponent and one of the reasons why I started training because there was a time she made me feel that I wasn't a worthy opponent. I understood back then coz I was pathetic then and who would really want to play with a newbie? But instead of holding a grudge (hahaha), I decided to get training, practice, and made it my goal to beat her one day.

1.5 years of training finally bore fruits. And it stressed what all aspiring badminton nobodies like me should learn by heart---Nothing is impossible if you work hard for it. Seeing their faces made every darn pain in my legs and arms worth it. By the time I got to Len's house at 11pm that night I was dead tired. My arms and legs were all but ready to fall apart.

I'm a girl with such a mababaw na happiness. I find joy in almost anything-- a smile, good food, great weather, nice books, seeing the person I want to see, etc. But last Saturday was something else. It was a great day. Even my coach was proud.

Time to end the gloating--time to get back to work.

I wish you saw it. You would have been proud. I hope you're okay. Whereever you are

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hi jaims, sino itong tinalo mo? ces