Monday, January 30, 2006

Movie Marathon

I saw Little Manhattan and Rumor has it with my best friend Ella last night. The two movies were both nice although I enjoyed Little Manhattan more. Who wouldn't? It was all about the joys and pains of first love from the eyes of two 11 year old kids. Ahh! Those days of youth. I wish life was as simple as the nine square blocks of the world of Gabe and Rosemary Telesco. Ella and I actually chose the wrong movies to watch last night. We wanted to go out to forget about our presently own confused worlds yet we found ourselves becoming more emotional as we relived the bittersweet lovestory of Gabe and Rosemary and Sara's neurotic family and love life.

According to Gabe, there will only be one first love. I admire his sweet optimism. That despite having the love of his life for only two and a half weeks, he remained optimistic about everything. Despite feeling the pains of losing his love, he also admits he was never as happy as he was with her. He looked so cute when he told Rosemary, "I love you. Do you think you might actually love me too?" And while he looked so sad when she said, "I don't know. I'm only eleven," he taught me the courage that comes with loving-- that even if you don't get the answer you hope for, you remain caring and giving enough to give her a hug and just love her back.

Now I'm getting emotional again. I've been trying to avoid it the past week. I even got somewhat successful (except during those times of the day and night when I find myself brooding again). Sara's heart wrenching line left some pretty emotional highs and lows in our system. "I'm not here to say I can't live without you. Because I can Live without you. I just choose not to." I think no explanation is needed for that. It captured what my best friend and I are going through these past weeks. And for those who bear witness to my semi neurotic life these days, I truly apologize.

Okay, call me a sucker for romantic movies. Well, at least in the movies, I get to have my somewhat happy endings. A sappy romantic at heart, I'd like to believe that true love does exist. And that true love is indeed worth waiting for. I'm just glad I have my best friend with me to ride out these storms. Yon nga lang, medyo pag nagkasabay kami ng storms, we often end up doing so many neurotic things. hehehe. San kaya tayo mapapadpad sa sunod?

Haay tama na ang drama!!!!! Here I go again..

"I'm not here to say I can't live without you. Because I can Live without you. I just choose not to."

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