Saturday, February 10, 2007

Celebrating life at 30

None of my original plans about how I was going to celebrate my 3oth birthday came true. And although it may sound terrible it wasn't that at all. I realized that in the end I got to celebrate my birthday in the most perfect way--spending it with people who made me smile.

My celebration started at midnight at the Bakuteh stall where I had late dinner with jesse and we waited for midnight. I was born at 12:35am so when my watch finally registered that time, my birthday officially began. We pigged out on beer, sate and of course bakuteh. Kinalimutan ang cholesterol! I didn't exactly picture myself to be in a foreign country when I turned 30 but I guess life has its way of bringing you to places where you are meant to be taken.

I opened my mail when I got home and I had a surprise from my mom and sister who made this cute powerpoint presentation featuring my baby Polie and Pochay. I miss my cats so much and seeing them sitting on top my car sure did bring tears to my eyes.

I was supposed to cook dinner for friends but unfortunately plans went a bit haywire. I was disappointed at first but of course it never ruined my day as it was my birthday. I was so intent on enjoying every minute of it. After all, turning 30 for someone like me is a miracle by itself. As I told my friend that night I never imagined that I would ever reach this age--not because I was only 16 then and 30 seemed so far away but because literally I wasn't well enough then to even get past 16. And now 14 years later, I am still here. Surviving, living and happy.

The whole day I was in the city walking around and doing some window shopping. I was able to go to church and say my prayers. I was even able to see a nice art exhibit at the petronas galeries called "Voyage"-- how fitting the title isn't it? My life has indeed been one interesting voyage. I dropped by the office for a time and said hello to steve. Went online to chat before heading back again to KLCC where I watched "the holiday" with jesse. It was a nice feel good movie.Quite long but very nice. I loved how the characters had each their own weirdness which I could identify with--cameron diaz's super strong persona, jude law's romanticism, kate winslett's martyrdom and jack black's comic comments. It was a movie about love and how it can come from the most unlikely places. The movie lasted for a little over 2 hours. My movie partner kept teasing me for being a crybaby--I couldn't help not crying after Jude law cried on screen?!!

Prior to the movie we had dinner at secret recipe where I got to have my birthday cake of chocolate indulgence and mocha walnut. We even ordered lasagna since I didn't get to cook it that day. hehe.. I loved the cakes. Super yummy.

After the movie we took a walk in the park. A couple of weeks ago I wrote here how I pictured the perfect birthday celebration to be a picnic in the park. I didn't have a picnic but the walk was perfect enough. We had coffee from starbucks and a nice moonlight on the side. You could see the park light up from the glitters of petronas towers and the fountain was in full glory. What else could I ask for? I may not have had a party this year but honestly, it turned out to be even better. I passed by a wishing well during our walk and despite my wanting to make a wish that night, I couldn't think of anything to wish for. What I had for my birthday was more than enough. It was a birthday to remember.

The birthday may have had some tense moments because of some issues at hand but nothing could beat the events that came after it. I realized that I didn't need a party to make my birthday special. Everything became perfect the way it was. And that makes me happy and grateful.

The day reminded me of a song Ves and I loved to play from the broadway musical Sunset Boulevard. The lyrics are these...

I don't need a crowded ballroom
Everything I want is here
If you're with me, next year will be
The perfect year

Thank you for making the year start perfectly.

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Ina said...

I'm glad you're HAPPY mare... :)