Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Kung hei Fat Choi

I celebrated chinese new year for the first time in my life this year. Usually I just celebrate it vicariously through the boxes of tikoy that come my way every chinese new year. This year being in a country where it is celebrated more than christmas, I actually got to experience the real chinese new year.

We had long weekend-- 4 days in all. I was sick most of the weekend due to a bout with UTI but it was fun still. On saturday I went to see Ghost Rider at the midvalley mall. Nicholas Cage did justice to the role and I enjoyed the movie. I didn't like the scary scenes though. I also got to buy a new pair of sandals at Studio R. It was on sale so I couldn't resist. After the short shopping trip it was off to home for our weekly badminton game. Since it was the holidays only 4 people showed up. Another one made habol after an hour so it was one tiring game for us.

Sunday I woke up late and after a short brunch in Mcdo and some grocery shopping at Carrefour, we were off to Marisa's place for a bbq. It was raining horribly in puchong that afternoon but it did not stop us from eating some of the yummiest food ever. Marisa and Mike hosted the dinner and prepared four kinds of bbq. Then we (Charles, Jesse and I) made afritada (Ay correction si jesse lang pala... kami ni charles, observers) which was also a hit to our new friends. Bala and Natasha were late due to some unexpected visitors. They brought with them Bala's pork dish which was spicy but absolutely yummy. We joked that it was a fusion of different races bonded together by food--Iranian, Malaysian, Indian, Chinese, and Pinoy. Talk about ethnic diversity.

We got drunk (or rather they did--I couldn't drink coz I was on antibiotics) and pigged out (I contributed a lot here!). We laughed a lot and shared so many stories. Marisa and I even exchanged movies downloaded over the net. We left at around 11pm. Philip brought us back to Sri Petaling which was so nice of him since it was raining once more.

When we got home the SB boys Obet and Glenn were having a drinking session with Ann so we stopped by their place as well. We brought them our take home bbq for pulutan.

On Monday I bummed around Ann's place with Obet. We watched the NBA all stars live at ESPN. I haven't seen a real NBA game in a long time and was very disappointed the way the game played out. Not that I loved the eastern conference guys but I hated the fact that they lost so dismally. Almost 30 points in all! By third quarter when the lead balooned to 31, the players were not playing basketball anymore. It became an exhibition of dunks and all those incredible shots that you wouldnt dare attempt in a normal game. There was no defense at all. corny. I ended up sleeping.

The night was capped with a good ol meal of sinigang. Our disappointing lunch at Rajah's pushed me to think of something nice for dinner so i decided to cook. Home cooked meals pa din ang the best. Nothing compares to it.

Yesterday I basically rested and went around KLCC a bit. I wasn't feeling well so I went home early. I went out na lang uli late in the afternoon for dinner by the pool.

Now its back to work.. Ang hirap din pala to be on holidays in a place far from home... Walang Ella na kagimik. Walang classmate na pwedeng kulitin. Most of all Walang tindahang bukas! hahaha.

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