Thursday, February 15, 2007

Valentines' Eat All You Want

To some valentines is all about flowers and hearts and all those mushy stuff. And to others its about lamenting why they are virtually single in a world where 4Billion people live. As the years go by, I've often approached valentines with a light heart. I never really hated valentines despite being single coz I've always found ways to enjoy it. I think it was two years ago when I started to wear red on v-day just to make a point that valentines' was not to be dreaded for the unattached. I found it very amusing how people would stare at me while I was walking. hehe..

Yesterday was Valentines' day. If my mom hadn't went into labor early, I would have been born on valentine's day. Kaso sabi ko, buti na lang din kasi pag valentine's ako pinanganak bukod sa kabirthday ko si kris aquino, lugi pa ko kasi isa lang ang gift ko for my birthday and valentines' hahaha.

I celebrate the hearts' day by downloading stuff from the internet (hahaha) while working on my revisions (another hahaha) and eating at hartz chicken-- malaysia's eat all you can place. I didn't expect anything special for v day so when jesse told me we'd eat out I looked forward to it. Good food, great company-- what more can you ask for?

The place looked like a cross between wendy's and kenny rogers. And the chicken taste almost like jollibee (the crispy ones) and andok's (the roasted ones). There were 4 buffet tables. The first one had an array of salads and fruits. There was also soup. I tried the vegetable soup which tasted great. The next table housed the chicken--all kinds--crispy, spicy, roasted, fried gizzard, liver, potato skins, potato wedges, onion rings, assorted breads and muffins, etc. The third one had the weirder foods-- mashed potato and the weird gravy, casseroles, curry, rice. I didn't venture to that table much except to try the mashed potato. The fourth one had the desserts. They actually had those ice cream vendo machines like in mcdonalds. The ice cream was good, although the brownies tasted dry. I liked the cookies most of all.

By the time we stood up and left the table I was so full I could barely breathe. At one point my pants' buttons popped coz i was holding my breathe for so long. We walked around the mall a bit before heading home and meeting up with the real estate agent. I was sooo sleepy in the LRT dahil sa kabusugan.

So that was my valentines' day.. I learned yesterday what valentines is all about. It's not about roses and hearts and all the romantic trimmings. It's not even about the places that gets all filled up because of the day.

It's about spending it with the people who make you laugh and believe that the world is still a beautiful place to live in despite its craziness.

It's about hope that at the end of the day, all of us will eventually have someone who will make us smile.

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