Friday, February 23, 2007

Long Day

I had a long day today. Some would probably think that I don't do anything at work given my flexible schedule but today was quite tiring. I arrived at work early-- 830 am, an hour earlier than office schedule. I checked my personal emails then when 930 came I started working on my office mails. Had a bunch of emails from Tom and Angeli so worked on that the entire morning. I needed to do some market research and thanks to the wonderful invention called the world wide web I was able to get the much needed information in no time. It was a matter of plugging in the right key words. It looked easy but by the end of the day my eyes were already tired.

So when I finally got home I was so fatigued that I slept like a baby for several hours. Di daw ako magising at all. I woke up at 11pm already. I missed dinner na. If I wasn't afraid of getting hungry I would have slept na lang the whole night. But since there's nothing much you can buy here in the mornings, I decided to eat before I retire again. We went to the mamak stall nearby to eat our ever staple maggi goreng ayam. Bumped into Glenn, Obet and Ann so it was an impromptu reunion na din. :)

Now I'm back here in my room trying to download the ginebra championship games from youtube. Grabe! my ever favorite barangay is in the championship again. Parang kelan lang I was such an addict to their games. Kaya kahit dito sa Malaysia nakikicheer pa din eto.

Once a kabaranggay, always a kabaranggay.

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