Friday, February 02, 2007

Early Birthday Gift

Gave myself an early birthday present (and a belated christmas one) yesterday. Bought a new phone! I have been thinking of getting a new one for some time now but never really found the chance (and the budget) to do so. So after months of wishing and wondering, I finally found my new baby in the form of nokia's 7373. The phone is part of their La Amour collection and it's an improved version of the old 7370 (now it has 2 megapixel camera, expandable memory and a music player that plays mp3s and mp4s). Cool. It's so tiny and so feminine that my old 6600 looked like a bulky phone. I wanted the pink version originally but it cost so much more kaya I settled for the stylish bronze black na lang.

I was out shopping the whole day yesterday since it was a holiday in Selangor and KL. I went to the Pertama Complex and bought a fresh tube of shuttlecocks and had charles' raquet restrung. Then I went to Sungwei Wang and Low Yat in search of my new phone. It was fun walking around on my own in search for my elusive new toy. So when I finally closed the deal in Low Yat I was so happy. I decided to have late lunch at KLCC so I can have a view of the park while I toyed with my new phone. I didnt realize the time coz it took me almost three hours to migrate my phonebook to my new phone. Whew! At least I wasn't bored. I took a quick look at times bookshop before I met up with Jesse for his dinner treat. He took me to chillis and we pigged out on salad and pasta. I was so full after! Calories to burn once more!!!

I was dead tired when I got home I literally fell asleep immediately after my head hit the pillow. I didnt even to get to read my text messages until it was early morning already.

Today is the start of our class for OHSL. No weekends for me for the next two weeks. Ouch!

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Kathleen said...

Oh yeah, I love that l'amour collection from nokia! i was ogling that at a nokia store here, pero grabe sobrang mahal for me. At least $300 - $500! Grabe! I don't use my phone that much kaya settle na lang ako sa chipipay phone ko. Hehehe, I didn't know it comes in pink too, I was drooling over the gold one. hehe, bling bling. Nice toy!