Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Almost Perfect Day

Have you ever experienced a day that was almost perfect? It's a day that starts out just like any ordinary day--you don't expect anything grand to happen and like any other day, you simply go on living it. Yet somehow something happens in the midst of the day that makes the simplicty seem simply perfect. And then you know, that the day is not just an ordinary day anymore but a day that will always be remembered.

That was how friday felt. It started out just like any other day but at the end of it all, I was dead tired but happy. I was able to see the things I loved to see and explore my favorite site of all-- the zoo. I guess I never really outgrew that love of mine--seeing animals roam in a park. I went to Negara Zoo with Jesse and it was an experience I'll always cherish. Got to see my favorite animals--the bears and despite the snobbish nature of the lions and tigers (lahat tulog) I still enjoyed seeing them. I loved the giraffes and I had a grand time remembering my old running joke of how the giraffe had two legs. Hey we even saw a kangaroo.

Some people ask what makes me happy.. And I say this to them always--when i see the people I love happy and when I get to go to the places that makes me smile. The zoo has somehow always been the constant place in this world that never fails to make me smile. Be it malabon zoo or the infamous san diego zoo in california--it never fails to me happy. My mom told me that my eyes literally lit up when we went to see the singapore zoo last year. There's something comforting about being in the zoo-- I guess it's because you know that despite the struggles of life there is still that one place on earth where animals live without whim or care about such insanities-- where zebras and leche leche's roam freely with the salamanders, hippos, giraffes, and deers; where animals live in harmony and in peace.

It was the almost perfect day-- I called it almost coz I guess no day goes by without hitches (erring taxis and the heat to name a few). But at the end of it all, it was still perfect for me. I was asleep by 9pm because of fatigue.I was snoring but what the heck.. I had a beautiful time.

And I am grateful to the one who made the day possible. :) Thank you.

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