Sunday, December 24, 2006

Back Home for Christmas

I'm back home for the holidays and despite the long journey home I find myself unable to sleep. I guess I'm so used to staying up late that sleeping this early seems unfathomable.

I arrived at 11:15am via Air Asia in Clark. I barely slept since last night I had my despedida (kahit na kakadating pa lang) Jom's place. We had beer and tokwa't baboy for pulutan (na naging ulam). So just imagine how semi-zombie like I was when I went through immigration and customs. I didn't sleep after the party so keeping myself awake during check in was quite a struggle.

I think I had some withdrawal symptoms of my LRT rides in KL that I decided to take the MRT instead of riding a cab from megamall. I walked through Gateway mall first before finally heading for home.

Three weeks ago I was so excited at the thought of going back home for xmas. Funny nga coz all I could think of when I was about to leave last Nov was the thought that I would be back in three weeks. In those three weeks life was completely changed and if you asked me if I ever pictured all the things that happened the past three weeks, I would flat out say-- no.

And now that I'm back, I'm quite unsure of how to react-- I'm happy to be home yet at the same time I also feel that this is not my place anymore. I'm meant to be somewhere else. Or maybe I'm just not used to this place anymore. It's true pala when they say that you can never go back to the past and all you can really do is savor the present and prepare for the future. Life changed when I left last November 28. Life moved on and now there's no going back.

I still have some unfinished business here in Manila but I have more unfinished stuff to go back to when I go back to KL--things that I have figure out sooner or later. But for now, I won't think about it and instead will just enjoy this vacation. Tutal what's the sense of going home for christmas when di ka mageenjoy diba?!

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