Thursday, December 07, 2006

Peanut Butter on Wheat Bread

I missed the bus again today. That and the KTM and the bus near the condo. The timeschedules of public transpo here as I'm slowly finding out can have a standard deviation of +/- 10 minutes to 30 minutes.So I was stuck in the bus stop behind endah villa for a good 15 minutes. And for another 15 minutes at the Tasik Selatan Train station. And lastly 45 minutes at the Kajang KTM station. Too much time wasted I know. But somehow, I've come to relish those moments the past week. I usually have my breakfast during those long lulls of waiting. For the past two days my breakfast have consisted of peanut butter sandwiches and orange juice. The peanut butter is nothing like my preferred lady's choice chunky peanut butter. But it was still okay.BTW they have gardenia here.

Sometimes I also read while waiting. Yesterday I read a magazine and this morning I decided to read a book- Persuasion by Jane Austen. I've been wanting to read it for months now but never seem to have found the time. Now I think life is giving a little bit of time to stop and explore the surroundings. I hope the book turns out to be an interesting read.

I meet a lot of people while waiting for the train or the bus. Two days ago I met Yogish at the Kajang KTM, one of the staff from the school of engineering. Yesterday, Samuel, a staff from my building was my seatmate on the same train. Sometimes strangers would come up to me and ask me for directions and after I tell them that I don't speak the language, they'd ask me where I came from.A lot of the people here mistake me for a local. We usually exchange pleasantries.Sometimes even if we don't understand each other's language, we resort to shortened english phrases and hand signals or sometimes a simple smile would do.I find the malay people quite friendly. The other day I was trying to find my way home from the Bukit Jalil train station and a chinese girl was kind enough to show me where I could take a bus home.

Waiting for the train or the bus is like relishing a peanut butter on wheat bread sandwich. It looks plain on the outside and can even be quite sticky and messy to eat. It can be boring at times as well. But when you forget about the hassle of waiting, you'd realize that it can actually be crunchy and full of fun.

That's me in my "busog na ako" moment. Try talking to me after my cup of milo. hahaha.

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Ina said...

kakalokah naman mare! imagine mo for the next three years ganun... hehehe!!! pero exciting! see you in a few weeks!!! ingat ka dyan...