Thursday, December 21, 2006


I accidentally got to know of the story of Eragon when I was searching for a gift last March for Banjo. I was browsing through the booktitles of National Bookstore when I chanced upon the novel. It looked interesting and since I couldn't think of anything else to give Banjo, I decided to buy it. Turned out Banjo liked the book and he told me it was good.
I never got around to reading it but I told myself I'd watch out for the movie. So when it was shown here in Malaysia last week, I told myself I'd watch it. So yesterday I saw it after going to the embassy for my OEC.

The movie is all about a farm boy named Eragon who found a dragon's egg. When the egg hatched he was decreed to be its rider and that's where all the adventure of Eragon and Saphira begins. The story is quite simple-- small town farm boy who becomes a hero against an evil king. Eragon is taken under the wing of a former dragon rider named Brom, who, years before, lost his own dragon to the evil men of king Galbatorix. There's romance in between and lots of battles. In the end, Eragon saves the day. How did he do it? Panoorin niyo na lang!

We've seen this kind of story before. Medyo gasgas na nga siya if you think about it. Yet there was something about the simplicity of the plot that made it worth seeing. The story was all about hope, courage, and taking chances. And I think that is what is life is really all about. We need that-- hope to keep us believing; courage to keep us strong; and risk taking abilities to keep us dreaming new things.

I cried during parts of the movie much to the amusement of my moviemate jesse. Hay nako! Eh sa nakakaiyak eh! At least di siya nakatulog! hahaha. For those who know me, I'm a sucker for crying in movies. Inaamin ko iyakin ako sa pelikula. Hey! I even cried while watching Space Jam (Yup! the Michael Jordan cartoons! haha!). I couldn't help it especially when Brom died. Fortunately I had some tissue with me.
I loved Brom's words-- "That's the spirit - one part brave, three parts fool" coz I'm somehow like that from time to time. I realized in the movie that we need to be fools from time to time. After all, it is our obligation to follow our personal legends.
Once upon a time I was told that if I keep myself open, it will come again-- the movie reminded me of that-- to always keep the faith. =) Even if we end up looking like fools.

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Ina said...

Whaaaa!!! I can't wait to see it!!!!!!