Friday, December 15, 2006

Nottingham Dinner & Inuman at the Condo

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The Nottingham staff had a university dinner last night at the Marriot Hotel in Putrajaya. I finally met the other members of staff. After two weeks here, I finally so more people apart from the one's I regularly see on campus. I went there with Liz and Melissa and all the way from Semenyih all we could think of was the dinner and how big the chicken would be. We got to Marriot hotel a bit early so we had lots of time to dress up and make ourselves pretty. It was pouring outside so we expected the dinner to be quite late.

A few minutes before people began to pour in, I got accidentally (=P) volunteered by Liz to sing! I think Roselin took it seriously so she really asked the music people to put me in their program. Goodness gracious! Talk about introducing myself to the nottingham people with a bang! Eh kung videoke ba to sa garahe nina len okay lang no! but no! 100 strangers itong kaharap ko! The thought of me singing out of tune is a nightmare!!!!hahaha Yan ang tinatawag na karmic blooper!

I practiced with the band (or should I say duo) for like 10 minutes. For several minutes there I couldn't think of a song. Fortunately they knew my national anthem, "Till I met you" so we did that. And I also did "You" by the carpenters. I think I went out of tune in the first few lines of you but after that okay na ko. I just imagined na sina divina or sina luis ang nasa harap ko and not all those people from the university!

I was still shaking even way after I sang. In between songs Nadia from finance gave me a flower which was really nice. After my singing stint, I readily went back to our table and had my dessert. buti na lang masarap! Brian and Paul both told me that I was brave for doing it. Haha. Kung alam lang nila ang nerbyos ko no! Hindi ko inisip na i'll be able to do that! Before we left Azlan bought us the marriot teddy bear. It was so cute.=) Liz, Melissa, and I each got one. I guess he was in a good mood last night. We kept on teasing him about his formal look.

When I got home I was so tired. I think all my nervousness finally kicked in. I was almost asleep in the couch when I heard voices come in. Ann and the rest of the nokia gang came home around 11:30 for an impromptu drinking session. binalak pa kong drawingan ng isa dyan sa mukha ha! kala ata di ko naririnig!hehehe We got semi drunk with beer till 1am. My tummy was aching because of laughing too much about their call center kwentos. My favorite was the "maam ang spelling po ba ng jaja ay G-A-G-A?!" Oh my God! I nearly died laughing there. When the beer disappeared and we started to feel sleepy again, it was time to say goodnight.

A fruitful night I should say. Tiring but fruitful. Makes up for my cramps today. Thank God its friday. I'm looking forward to the weekend.

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