Monday, December 11, 2006

Walking Tour of KL

It's a public holiday in Selangor today so it means no work for me. So I decided to take a tour of KL and do a little bit of shopping and sightseeing. Armed with my brand new floral light blue umbrella (sa wakas bumili din ng payong!) and my purse, I went with Ann to KLCC early this morning. We took the LRT to Masjid Jamek first and got myself a touch and go card to make life a lot easier in taking the trains (no more pila!!) then took another LRT to KLCC. I went around for a while and got myself a new pair of shoes from vincci. Have this semiformal thing to go to on thursday and I can't possibly go there wearing my boots or my sneakers (hmm..badminton shoes kaya?). I also went up the Petronas towers skybridge. Wow! Finally saw it. I stood there for about 10 minutes or so. I missed the skybridge tour last july coz I arrived late for the tours already. But now, I finally made it. I even met some pinoys on tour who asked me to take their picture. Jay, Amy, and Ian were their names and they were quite a talkative group. It was sure nice to meet some people from home.

Ann and I met again after about 2 hours to go to Sungwei Wang in Bukit Bintang. She left me there so I had lunch at Mcdo. I was quite optimistic coz I've been to Bukit Bintang before back in July. So I wasn't totally a stranger to the place.

Ann warned me that it might be traffic if I stay there till four so at 3:20pm I decided to head back to KLCC. I'm supposed to meet trina but she's still somewhere in between singapore and KL. I couldn't get out of Sungwei Wang at first coz I kept getting lost in the maze of shops. After about 10 minutes I finally found my way out. I thought I could relax when I got to the taxi stand but no! There was no taxi!! I stood there for 45 minutes and wala pa din. Feeling ko magkakavaricose veins na lang ako, wala pa din! goodness gracious! I was about 7th in line and taxis were coming in about 1 every 10-15 minutes. So after 45 minutes of boring waiting (not to mention a pila-mate na sobrang kulit) I decided to walk.

I didn't know exactly where to go but what the heck, I have good sense of directions right? (haha!). I headed towards mcdo and saw petronas towers on the sky. So I just used that as my north star--my target-- my pitt stop and walked towards the direction of where I saw the tower. Finally I found a signage in Malaysia that worked right-- there was a walking street sign that led also pointed me to the direction of KLCC. So I walked and walked and walked... 30 minutes and about 3 photographs later (madami pang uzi ha!) I made it to the Versace boutique at KLCC. The pitt stop at last! Feeling ko nag amazing race ako at inaantay ako ni phil koegan sa dulo! hahaha! Sabi ko na pwede kong mag amazing race eh. .

My legs are killing me and I think I lost another 3 Ilbs or so. But still it was quite fun. It would have been better if I was with friends though. While walking I chanced upon a group of pinoys. I don't think they recognized me as a fellow pinoy but I was so dying to but in when they were making conversations. haha.

Now I'm here at an internet shop waiting for trina's call. I'm dying to put my legs up so I figured writing in this blog would at least let me rest a bit. I wanted to do some transfers but it seems that my access to my bank is a bit limited today. So I'll leave that for tomorrow.

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