Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Girl Talk, The Guru, and Network Nightmares

Life is a total rollercoaster ride. Today is no exception. From a series of "highs" to a series of "lows" I learned to appreciate the blessings of today despite some very sad news late tonight.

Woke up early and got ready for my day with ella. -- one whole day devoted to the things we both loved-- eating, eating, eating, and parlor. hahaha. I picked her up at 11:30 for our "date." I promised her that we'd have at least one day together when I get home for xmas so it was something we both looked forward to. We picked up classmate before heading off to shakey's for lunch.

You could probably call it glutonny with the amount of food we consumed-- party sized pepperoni crunch, buddy pack of chicken (5 pcs!), 1.5 baskets of mojos, and a pitcher of sarsi. I even had a side order of soup. I don't know how we managed it but we finished almost everything except for the pizza.

A couple of hours later we managed to do so many things-- go to megamall, had our haircut with matching manicure and pedicure at david's katipunan, coffee at seattles best and then isaw and bbq at Que Rico with Lyzet. By the time it was 8pm I was so darn tired. My foot was still hurting from last night's play at GBC so my energy levels were low already.

Still,I enjoyed it. I miss my days with ella. Ves used to tease us that one reason why both remain single is because we're both so devoted to each other that there's no room for someone else. Ves is partly right-- Ella and I do spend a lot of time together especially when I was still here. We used to talk on the phone almost every day for hours. But that is how best friends are right? Ella and I are so updated with each other's life that at the end of the day, if one of us goes missing, the other would most likely know where one is. But were not totally devoid of other people naman. Ella and I have this pact that we'll always be there to support each other even if it means letting the other one go to find their bliss. Ilang beses na rin kaming nareschedule biglaan because of "someone" or "something." But alang alang sa puso, why not chocnut diba?!

So today I found it so nice to have those moments with Ella again. Kahit na paulit ulit lang ang kwento namin, parang di siya nakakasawa. The best parts of the day were the "Talks" with classmate a.k.a. GURU adrian and the chairman of the guru's herself--Lyzet. The smiles on their faces was worth the wait. I can still remember classmate's smile when I said "no comment" to his question (idol din siya sa kanyang evading techniques on when he'd go back to... hahaha..) and lyzet's complaints of having tired facial muscles from smiling. Sabi ko naman sa yo lyzet eh, i'll find my way sooner or later.. Glad I made you happy. I don't know how I got through the two gurus but despite feeling majorly embarassed most of the time (di lang ako pulutan, ginisa pa ko!hahaha), I was just so happy that I got to spend time with them.

After a short detour sa bluewave to give ann her lotion I was finally able to go home 12 hours after I left the house.

But like any day, rainbows won't be extra special without the presence of some clouds. Network problems due to the Taiwan earthquake caused havoc in my ability to send and receive text messages. Almost all my messages were either late or sometimes even lost. I couldnt connect to my yahoo mobile and even the yahoo wapsite itself. Ang hirap tuloy makipagchikka sa king chatmate na super sipag sa paglilinis ng bahay.hehehe. delayed lahat ng reactions ko. Kala tuloy niya galit ako. Di po no! Galit ang network sa telepono ko! hahaha.

The saddest cloud came in the form of chin's email. Fr. Bu is not well and I am extremely worried. I hope he gets better. He means the world to me. And I know part of the reason why I push myself to be more than I can be is because I always want to make him proud. He's my beloved pabu, and I won't be alive today without him.

Just when I thought I'd cry na, I got a nice goodnight text. God's way of cheering me up I guess. And I am glad. It gives me hope that tomorrow, all these clouds would turn to sunny skies. Thank you for the nice thoughts and concern. It's nice to know that someone cares.

At the end of the day, I am extremely tired and quite confused as to whether I am happy or sad. Too many things happened today. But I guess looking back I am still happy coz I know all these simply means that today was a life well lived.

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