Friday, December 01, 2006

Train Adventure--Day 3 of Expat Life

Tried my hand at commuting and ended up riding the wrong train line. Spent the night with Ann at Sri Petaling and she took me to the nearest station so I could get to work. Of course mga lost children so ayan, I ended up riding the train that goes towards KL rather than Kajang where I was supposed to go.Fortunately I realized it about 10 minutes into the ride so I got down at Midvalley and crossed over to the other side. Buti na lang pwede dito ang lumipat lipat ng tren kundi sayang ang aking pamasahe!hehehe. I finally made it to kajang at 9:30 am but the bus for nottingham didnt come till 1015 so i just had to wait. I'm finally here at work at 11am. Walang time in kaya okay lang na late! =P

Other than that, commuting wasn't as bad as I pictured it would be. Mas mahirap pa rin yung magcommute papuntang divisoria from katipunan. Ann and I went around KL last night and it was great to finally see people again. I spent time sa bookstore and found a nice book for a friend. We had late dinner sa starbucks and narealize ko mas masarap ang pastries sa tin. May stickers din sila but a lot more harder to complete. 12 drinks an pure frap, 5 na required, 4 na kahit ano. something like that. We slept past midnight and I was tired but happy.

yung mga nagantay sa kin sa queing kagabi sa gbc, sorry ha, ang tagal ng magical karwahe ko eh! hehehe

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