Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Reunion at the KTM

After a lousy morning thanks to my stupidity about my ATM pin, things finally picked up when I met up with my kumare Trina at the Kajang KTM station. She's on a mini tour of malaysia on her way back to Manila. She rode the bus from Singapore yesterday. Since we didn't have much time together we spent 2.5 hours just chatting away inside the KTM station. It's been years since I've seen Trina and we had a lot to catch up on. She shared her harrowing experience in Indonesia last week where she and a friend got held up in the taxi. Fortunately they did not hurt her or her friend. What a frightening experience it was. We also had lunch together at the nearby mamak stall. I treated her to our version of the carinderia. Yummy food and cheap too! For the two of us I spent at little over 130 pesos only! I think I'm getting immune to the spicy food of Malaysia so it's not so harsh on me now. Unlike two weeks ago, I was really getting tummyaches because of the spicyness.

I used to think of the KTM as a boring place to stay in. But with Trina being there, it was somehow more homey. The train people kept staring at us but what the heck, we just ignored them. Just imagine how much stories we had to share with each other! buti nga wala pang topic na lovelife dun!

I got here in the office a little past 1:30pm. Very late but at least feeling very accomplished. My stupidity was fixed already and thanks to Brian of HSBC, I'm not lost anymore. I promised him I won't forget my pin again! hahaha. It was a costly blooper indeed. Sana hanggang dito na lang.

Two more weeks and I'm home na! Can't wait!

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