Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Aching Bones and Tired Bodies

Played gruelling matches last night at shuttlesbest with the badminton addicts. Now my entire body hurts like hell. Imagine the girls played 7 sets non stop with no water or rest breaks. Then played a hard mixed game with macre, mark, and peter. I pity partner coz he was running all over the court. I realized in that game how hard it was to shift from one event to another. Playing mixed right after playing women's was really a challenge for me.

Why do we torture ourselves? I guess it's the challenge. And the feeling of accomplishing something. I am no athlete. Prior to badminton I really had no real sport. I dabbled into archery in high school but I never really took it seriously. Because of my ITP I wasn't allowed to go into sports much. In fact I was exempted from PE most of my life. With no innate athletic ability, whatever I have achieved on court is really a product of sheer determination, will power and practice.I know my coach len gets frustrated at me at times coz I can't hit the ball that well. I really admire her patience with me =) Here's what I can promise though, that even if I lack the skills and the power, I can make up for it with determination and will. I will not stop trying even if it kills me. Somehow my pain thresholds increases dramatically when I am playing.

So muscles may ache and my bones may become weary but I will still love this game-- a game that brought me not only achievements I've never thought I'd ever accomplish but also great friends that I will treasure for the rest of my life


Anonymous said...

Uy, bago layout a. hehehe. Lagyan mo kaya ng tagboard? Nakialam daw ba eh. hehehe

Anonymous said...

Grabe jaim, hataw kayo! Bow ako sa inyo. Good at nakahanap ka ng sport na gustong gusto mo, so many benefits from it. Galing naman.

btw, si beryl to. hehehe