Wednesday, June 01, 2005


A lot of happenings the past few days both happy and sad.. Powerade 2 finally ended and my friends won. It was a blast cheering for Len (my coach!) and macre, peter and mike, mae and joy, rodel & mark and the rest of the SB gang who joined the games. Nearly lost my voice shouting, and nearly anihilated mae's fingers while jumping (sorry mare!!!)

On a sad note, saw two special people got hurt--My sister got held up and a friend got hurt as well. To quote chin, may the "bad people rot in hell." Wish I could do something about it though. But I can't. We can't all be superheroes.

Back to happy notes, R and R at the office yesterday. We went to Forrest club. It's been years since I've been on a hotspring. And mind you, was it hot! It was hard to stay in the pool for a long period of time. But the place was nice. It was quiet and peaceful and lots of yummy food to eat.

Now if only comps results will finally arrive... The waiting continues.

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