Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Hectic Wednesday

Doing some major testing today. And it looks like Im gonna be in here for long time. One of my client is answering a 600 item questionnaire and one hour after she started, she's still in item 125. Thank God there's a computer nearby.

My knee hurts from badminton last night. Major running was done that stressed me out. It was one of those days when shots seem to be out of sync and I can't seem to get past the net. hahaha. Frustrating a bit but you just learn to live and let go. As a friend of mine says, "may mga araw talagang ganyan.."

My sister just learned that she's the class topnotcher! wow! My sister, the nerd. hahaha. But kidding aside, she's the one person in this world whom I know can master any amount of paperwork, information and tons of readings without battling an eyelash.The only one who can find the discipline to study even during christmas day and who can make herself stop watching her favorite show so she can read her notes. Idol.

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Anonymous said...

nerda talaga utol mo, pero congrats kamo. and congrats to you too, for passing the comps. :) - beryl