Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The Onliest One

I like days like today-- days when you have nothing in particular to do but you accomplish a lot of things. I'm never one for planning and I always do things last minute. A crammer at heart so to speak. But today I felt good coz I did a lot of things and I enjoyed it. Got to watch a nice video, went shopping (who doesn't love shopping?) , ate pizza (minus the pineapple) and nachos (yummy!!), and even made a fool of myself in public (classic blooper yon, diba partner?).

Now that is a good day. I hope it won't be the onliest one as Tigger would say.

Speaking of Tigger, I saw Tigger the Movie today on video. It was really nice. It's been a while since I was able to watch a really good cartoon. I thought Peter was kidding when he said I would cry. I did. Funny isn't it?-- crying while watching cartoons. Somehow it reminded me of my childhood days. I remember crying while watching Cinderella when I was a kid. Happy endings make me cry. I even cried while watching Space Jam (okay I wasn't so young then but what the heck, =P)

I've always been a sentimental fool I guess. I cry while reading my favorite stories, I gush over romantic movies. I even cry while watching my sports heroes play. When my sister graduated from high school I even shed a few tears.

Call me cheesy and even corny but that's me.

So now that the day is finally over, I can't help but wish, sana it didn't end na lang. Or sana tomorrow will also be a good one. For once I didn't play badminton but we did drop by SB. As ella would say, "di na kumpleto ang araw niyo kung di kayo dadaan ng SB."

maybe you're right. maybe i am. maybe.

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