Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Hanging Thoughts

Been having a series of hanging dreams lately-- you know those type of dreams that just when youre about to get to the good part or the ending of the story, you wake up? Kaasar! And you can't go back to the dream again so you're left just like that--hanging. Last night I had a hanging dream again. It was a continuation of a previous dream the week before, then just as I was finally about to get to the ending, boom! I wake up! Inis! hehehe.

If we are to go psychological, one could say that dreams are methapors for events happening in our lives. I guess it does hold true for me. A lot of things have been just like that lately--hanging. I don't know if I should be happy about it or not. If I'm ready to answer the hangings or not. A lot of maybe's and what if's lately.

Life is like that sometimes. "You may never get the answers you want. But it doesn't mean you don't go looking for the answers though, does it?" ("Cady", Lost and Found)

Will I ever know? Or rather will I ever find the guts to find out?


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