Saturday, June 18, 2005

Thomas Wayne told his son Bruce that we fall because we have to learn to pick ourselves up. How I wish that life was that simple.

When we were kids, we do that--we fall then we pick ourselves up. Sure, we cry a bit, run to mommy, but afterwards were ready to play once more. Life was simple then. But as one gets older (not necessarily wiser) the act of falling and picking yourself becomes a bit complicated. Perhaps its because falling is not part of play anymore, but part of some of life's harshest realities. Losing precious objects, failing at a certain task, or losing someone can sometimes be too hard to bear.

I used to think I was fearless and that I could face any storm. Now I know better. I have to admit that I get scared too. Mind you I do a lot of daring things. Ask my friends and they tell you how I can do the gutsiest things without batting an eyelash. But in some ways Ive also turned into been more risk averse..I guess there are simply some things that are too precious for me to risk. Maybe I've turned into a chicken or maybe I'm simply afraid that if I fall this time, I might not have the heart to pick myself up again. My heart has simply been bruised and battered so many times in the past. While I have endured, I know that there are some things I am now more wary of. Part of growing up and growing old I guess. And I find it sad. Sad because I once promised that I will not lose that optimism in me. I hope it's still there somewhere, waiting for me to reach out again.

I wish I could go back to the childhood days of playing and falling again. Maybe we all need to learn that-- learning to pick ourselves up when we fall. And even if no one catches us eventually, we have that inherent trust that things will turn out okay.

I hope that the next time I fall, I have the courage to do what Thomas Wayne said-- learn to pick myself up.


But talking about the movie-- the movie rocks.. Batman Begins is the best Batman so far. Loved the story and loved Christian Bale. Batman finally gets a soul.

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