Monday, June 06, 2005


SB closed early today. Had dinner with the guys instead. Yummy butter chicken and sizzling tadyang from papa jeks. Even the mango masaker was good.Why was it called mango masaker I really have no idea... diet destroyed but what the heck. It was worth it. The rains started again but it was still okay. ...Somehow we seemed to love the color blue that the four of us were all wearing it--we looked like a boy band from the great somewhere...

I like nights like these.Simple but fun. Good food, good company. What more can you ask for?

The ultimate sign of badminton addiction-- when you begin to worry what will happen to the court when the rains come. Sana kasi di na binabaha ang shuttlesbest. Wish ko lang....It has been like the second home to us the past year (di ba bossing mike, and peter?hehehe) and I can't seem to imagine days without my daily fix of just hanging around the court.

Happy birthday to you whereever you are even if you chose to forget me. Despite everything I honestly wish you well.

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