Monday, June 13, 2005

Fruitful Weekend

Had a very eventful weekend.. Friday night was inuman night at the house with badminton buddies from Shuttlesbest to celebrate the end of comps. Cooked dinner for my closest buddies and had a great time laughing together and getting drunk. Star of night si Macre who will be now forever known as the one who said "Macre is a girl!" Karen's kitchen antics will also be forever remembered along with the great CR adventures of George and Mark...

Thanks Peter, Ella, Mike, Mae, Raul, Mark, Macre, George, Len, Emerson, Tito noel, tita nel, kei, RB,Tey, and Karen. =) Comps would have been such a dreadful experience without your support.

Saturday continued the adventure as I found myself stuck in UN avenue after my car became "pawis steering" instead of power steering. The power steering cable got anihilated along the way to Manila. 3 hours of Eat Bulaga was the price to pay while waiting for Shell UN Ave to fix my car. Pure torture according to Ves... By 6pm I was off to court (addicts!) to play with the gang despite our 2am sleeping time that morning. Fun games turned a bit sour when a sourgraper started acting up on court. But as tito would say, "si ______ yon! dont stoop to his level!" Binawi na lang sa kain sa bonfire. Sisig and nilaga! yummy!

Sunday was the best. May talent pala si Macre sa singing! hehehe. Pamilya Badminton Round 4 was the event of the weekend. Partnered with Mike (liit) and had a thrilling 3rd place finish against tough opponents Mae and Luis. My partner was the best-- powering our comeback from a 2-12 deficit to win the second set 15-12. Thanks partner!!! Decided to share the glory with Mae and Luis after major cramps kept stopping our game in the third set. It was one great fight. Up to now I'm still dead tired. Best game was against Luis and Mae. Scariest game was against partner Peter (and his famous game face). The shuttlecock was literally shaking when I was serving against my favorite partner.Took over 300 pictures..The champions? Sino pa eh di si mike and macre (Bullies! nang loveset!). Intermission number nga lang daw sila according to Mark.

Dinner at Bonfire and videoke at planet after the games. Macre is the new corrs superstar while peter is ric segretto's new prodigy . Mae is the topnotcher-- pwede ng maging VJ Mae (may kwento lahat ng playlist niya). Ella's picture was the best and bossing mike remains undisputedly the super star of videoke. As for me, taga alaska. hahaha. Buti di pikon si partner (peace tayo partner ha!)Took 2 hours to say goodbye to the folks (bakit kaya?hmmm... sino ba kasi yung uwing uwi na na di makasegway ng uwi?Sino nga ba?!=P) nga lang.. By the time I slept, I realized that it was already Monday and it was the last day of summer vacation.

Tomorrow its back to reality.

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