Monday, June 06, 2005

Rainbows after the rains...

I passed my comprehensive exams. Somehow the additional letters to my last name seem so surreal when the news finally came. I was actually on court, playing my sanity game (badminton) when I received the news. And when I called to confirm if I indeed passed, it felt if a huge burden was taken off my back. For several days, I was in limbo trying to calm my restless spirit who every so often would ask myself whether I passed or not. For someone whose comps motto was "failure is not an option," it was indeed one nerve wracking experience. The agony of waiting was simply so great.

The comps made me realize one very important thing-- that I have so much to be thankful for. And that words will never be enough to thank all those who gave me their support through the weeks of hell called comps. I'd probably need an entire blog account just to thank everyone who touched my spirit and prayed with me.

Peter, Mike, & Emerson, (tatlong pasaway who took time out to spend the great day with me last friday); Len, Pamilya Badminton (Tita Nel, Tito Noel, RB and Kei), Luis, Mga marekoys Jeanette and Joy, parekoy patrick, karen, p10, cara, mommy, ves, ces, greatness oliver, joven, phen, tita sansu, my psy 101 A summer class, chin, bambi and obeng (my MA compstudy gang cheerers) and so many others I failed to mention.-- salamat

And to Ella, who has been with me throughout the ups and downs and craziness of life. The only one who truly knows the insides of my soul. Sana nga magkatotoo na ang mission mo sa kin. =)

And to those who made life a bit simpler for me and even those who made some days really miserable, salamat pa din.

In my MA thesis I wrote the following words and I am writing them once again-- "Believe in your power to create miracles.Thank you for the gift of love."

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