Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Celebrating Friendships

Celebrated our annual get together for Aldwin's birthday last night. It has become a tradition in the barkada to celebrate his birthday at my house. It was fun having the whole gang around-- Peter, Aldwin E., Lady, Ella, Lyzet (peace na tayo ha! cute naman ang cotton candy talaga eh!), Banjo (na forever pa ring maaga umuwi), willeah & Mark (mga late!). My throat may be sore right now but it was still worth it. It's been a while since we had such a get together.

We reminisced last night about the good ol' days in college-- our misadventures in driving and the antics we did at mmc. We laughed about stupidities and katangahans. And boy did we have a lot (ella's famous handbreak incident, willeah's tire na ayaw matanggal, aldwin's hot wiring adventure na palpak, my side mirror mishap, etc.). It was just great being with the guys again.

Now I'm super sleepy but what the heck, what more could I ask for last night? =)

well maybe... =P

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