Thursday, July 21, 2005

Kulitan Escapades

Yesterday my stressors and issues took a back seat for a few hours to give way to an afternoon of non stop kulitan with my friends Peter and Mike (my two partners). We have this habit of just bumming around Shuttlesbest doing nothing except tease each other to death. Total waste of time to some but for us, it was one welcomed break.

It was an impromptu get together-- I was bored to death in the internship site when I decided to practice with my partner for Kimoni this sat. We qualified in the round of 16 but in division 3 which is close to saying "wala kayong pag asa!" Mike texted me that he was on his way din to court and when we got there I texted Peter who appeared a few minutes later. In the process I never got to practice and ended up just laughing with the guys all afternoon long.

Peter was hands down the winner of the "pinakamakulit" award. My powers were nothing compared to his! We debated over the most mundane things-- is gerry giraffe really a giraffe or is he a cow (with measles according to Peter)? Why did tirso cruz qualify in the round of 16 and not them?Did Epson cup qualify?(ano nga ba kasi ang name niya?) My craving for french fries was even challenged (I won this challenge by dragging Peter to the mall so we could buy me one). The things we drive each other crazy with will leave spectators wondering, are we really logical individuals or are we candidates for Mandaluyong's Mental Hospital?!

Imagine we were on court for almost 5 hours yet we never played a single game. Mike got to hit the shuttle for a while with Mike Liit but Peter and I were just literally there-- bumming around. We sat by the door of SB and when we got tired we sat inside naman. Even manong was not spared from our kakulitan. I don't consider it a waste of time though coz it was one laughing experience to remember. We even had a song for the afternoon-- Mike's "tulala.." which was dedicated to Peter and his "tulala" moments (Bakit nga ba?).

These two guys may tease me to death but they did made my day yesterday. Been having a lot of issues for the past few days and it was actually the first time I smiled in days. I missed laughing. I missed smiling. Our kulitan adventure was a rainbow after a heavy rainstorm for me. So even if I deny it to them, I actually look forward to these kulitan moments. =)

Somehow after my afternoon with them, I actually didn't mind going home anymore. The battlefield seemed a bit nicer yesterday. And its all because of two friends who brought back laughter in my life one rainy afternoon.

A Simple life is all I really crave for-- a life with friends and laughter and love. I realized yesterday how its not the material things that will really make you happy but the people you share it with. The simplest things bring forth the greatest joy.

Thanks guys..But i still believe giraffe si gerry at di siya isang bakang may measles! =P

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