Friday, July 15, 2005

A surprising comment from the jaded sister

Here's a message sent to me by my sister who hates anything remotely romantic. It was in response to my musings that what I wanted most out of life at the moment was something so remote and farfetched.

"May I repeat what I said-- wag magfocus sa "official." Kulang pa nga ba? When you love someone, you should do so with an open hand. Just offer the love and that is joy already to the one who truly loves. "

Even my sister was surprised with her words of wisdom. But maybe she is indeed right. Maybe all I really wanted has been infront of me all along, not in the packaging I thought it would be but still, it has always been there. Maybe there's no such thing as official anymore. Maybe we just have to let things be. And be happy.

Funny, it took a jaded sister to get me to realize that.

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