Saturday, July 30, 2005


Today is my best friend's birthday. Last night our barkada gave her a mini surprise party and we met her birthday with our own version of "happy birthday" (di nga lang tayo papasa sa kahit anong singing contest). Almost all our friends were there-- lyzet (sige na nga celeb ko to for my MA comps!), Peter (na may "revelation"), Aldwin C. & Lady (sayang aga niyo alis), Clarence Cares (mare! break the curse now!!!) and Aldwin E (Nag time in ka na ba muna bago umuwi?).

I feel blessed to have Ella in my life-- she's been with me through the years-- through the laughter and tears and pains and joys of life. So happy birthday dear friend. Thank you for the gift of friendship.

Of course my day won't be complete without the usual hazel bloopers. Got bitten by some insect while waiting for a tryke in the social sciences parking. In a matter of minutes my eye became puffy and started to swell. Argghhhh!! Fortunately, claritin worked and by the time Ella's surprise came, it wasn't so bad anymore. =)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the surprise party!!! (although there were hints already that there's more to our planned dinner that night) :)

I'm so glad for our friendship. I may not have a sister but having you as my best friend is more than enough. :)

I'm so blessed to have all of you as friends! Next year ulit ha. hehehe


Hazel said...

Ang hirap mo ngang isurprise eh! Had a hard time thinking of a good "script". Nauubusan na ako ng plausible surprise scripts.
But it was worth it.

Soul sisters and best friends. Life is complete =)

Happy birthday!