Thursday, July 07, 2005

practice, practice, practice

Had a fruitful day. Didn't feel well last night so I slept early. Woke up still a bit woozy but managed to finish my work without falling asleep. After work I went to lunch with my friend Ina at Pho Hoa. Yummy food. Then it was practice, practice, practice. With our next tournament coming up in two days time, its definitely crunch time for macre and me. =)

My arm hurts right now. Len's training regiment can be quite taxing at times but the challenge is really amazing. I swear there were moments there that I wanted to quit but knowing how she believed in me made me strive some more. I've been asked before why I push myself (my mom even calls myself slightly manic) and my answer is really simple-- because I love what I am doing and trying to push myself to improve more is the only way I know I could give back to the sport that gave me so much.

I've never done much excercise prior to badminton. Now I can do 500 jump ropes and 30 situps. Before 5 sit ups was my limit. And jump rope was limited to the "i love you teddy bear..." version. Sports was basically watching others do it on tv.

Aside from practice lunch with Ina was really nice. We got to do our bonding kwento that I missed for a very long time. I owe my friend big time especially since I missed our barkada dinner three weeks ago. I miss my girlfriends. I miss our bonding sessions. I know I've neglected them a lot these past months, but I just feel blessed because they continue to love me-- with my issues and all.

The world may become crazier and crazier these days--but one thing remains the same for me-- I am loved by good friends.

What makes it all worth it is you. Thank you.

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Anonymous said...

sana alam NIYA kung sino siya!