Sunday, July 03, 2005


My favorite mixed doubles partner Peter and bossing Mike won the Level C championship at Ace badminton's first tourney today. Galing galing!!! Nearly lost my nerve cheering for them especially during the crucial moment. "Daddy" even said I was becoming pale already. I'm so proud of my partners. Winner kayo! 5 stars for Peter (plus two croissants!) and 5 gatorade bottles (sorry walang activade) for Mike.

Lost my own quest for the elusive championship trophy but Im still happy coz my friends won. And I know I tried my best. Partner Macre was a trooper. We never gave up till the end. And that to me is the true sign of a good game-- when you're able to fight to the end and know that you gave it your all. Even if we lost the crucial match, rallying from 8 to 17 was still a big feat. Thanks partner!!!

One thing I learned today is that in the end, it doesnt matter whether people tell you you suck or you played well. What matters most is how you thought of your own performance. If you can look yourself at the mirror and tell yourself, I know I tried my best then you are a winner. Although it would have been nicer to bring home the medal, in the end, the medal of being winners and losers all lie within us (how profound! Just imagine how tired I am right now)

My dreams came true when I found you-- my miracle.
If you could see what I see, you're the answer to my prayers
And if you could feel the tenderness I feel
You would know it would be clear
That Angels brought me here.

I sang this song once and I thought it was for someone. Now I realized that that someone was you. I just didn't know.

Believe in your power to create your own miracles.

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