Monday, July 04, 2005

If you had one day left to live...

If you have one day left to live what would you do?

Trying to jumpstart my brain into the thinking mode, I decided to ask myself this question. I feel so sleepy today and I know I have to work. So let me reflect and pause for a while...

If I had one day left to live, I'd do the following
1. I'd wake up to watch the sunrise and see its beauty one more time. I'd eat my favorite breakfast while watching it (all the filipino favorites-- tocino, hotdog and danggit. Tutal wala ng diet diba?)
2. I'd go to the library and donate all my books.
3. I'd call my bestfriends and thank them for the gift of friendships.
4. I'd play badminton one more time and enjoy every minute of it.
5. I'd eat lunch in Tagaytay and enjoy the breeze
6. I'd watch the sunset in Manila Bay (never done that before) and visit a church nearby.
7. I'd tell all the people who matter how much I love them.
8. I'd eat my favorite foods one last time-- isaw, fishball, bbq fries, tacos, etc..
9. I'd spend my final moments with the people who mean to me.

Simple lang diba? We all live on borrowed time. And we don't know when we shall really go. So why wait? Do the things that matter to you now.

Okay back to work.

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