Saturday, July 02, 2005

Gimik Night

Friday is fast becoming a regular gimik night for me and my badminton buddies. We play until around 11pm then eat a really late dinner togethr (or maybe we should call every night gimik night?). We joke around that badminton will eventually kill us due to ulcers.

Last night we had our usual killer games (last minute practice for fasthand tomorrow) then we went off to our official after game hangout-- Bonfire grill. Ate our usual fare of sisig and rice (this time with blue marlin and liempo). Mike showed off his vocal talents once more as he jammed with the live band (galing talaga ni bossing) while falling victim to the merciless (hehehe) teasings of peter and mark (bait niyo!). It was great hanging out with the gang. Even karen was all smiles (hmmm... why?) and Mae nearly showed off her badminton skills with the lady singer (yung taga san nga ulit, mark?)

Life goes on as usual for all of us. I realized last night that simple joys are the best. =) Being with the people who matter to me makes life seemingly perfect despite the hassles of daily living.

Practice again today. Hope we do okay tomorrow.

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