Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Long Weekend

GMA's SONA paved the way for a much appreciated (and much needed) long weekend. Had a busy weekend in fact with me going on my 4th straight tournament weekend. My mom is already nagging me about playing too much.

Kimoni seemed to have brought a round of bad luck to my friends and I. My friends Peter and Mike did not make it to the round of 16 but was able to compete in the director's cup. Unfortunately they also lost to a pair of quick youths. Macre and Mae made it to quarters but Mae fell during their game last Sunday, twisting her knee and causing them to default the game.

As for me, Marie and I lost our round of 16 bid at Kimoni but it was not without a good fight. I am grateful to my partner for keeping me focused on the game. And making me feel good despite my numerous "fatal" errors. It was a good fight. And it was even made more memorable by the cheers of friends (Peter, Lory, Macre, Mae, Mike) who cheered for us all throughout the game.

It seems only Addictus fared well at kimoni. He's playing for 3rd place this weekend.

My luck turned for the better during the queing at SB that night when Macre and I drew each other from the pool of players. It was one lucky draw. Anyone who partners with macre was most likely to emerge victorious in the games. I had a good time playing that night. For the first time the tourney became a relaxing one. Finally I know how it feels to be in "control" of the game. =)

The long weekend did not stop on saturday night. Sunday I went shopping with my mom and sister at ever. We pigged out for lunch (yummy bbq) and dinner (lechon!). Monday I spent it with my mom in the parlor having our kikay moments. Had a haircut, hotoil and pedicure. Afterwards, we had a short trip down memory lane by hanging out in SM cubao just like we used to when I was a kid. Cubao still looked the same. Except this time Fiesta Carnival is now open air and gateway mall towers over the horizon. And you can't park in alimall if your car is an SUV (at baka sumabit ang bubong mo).

Now it's back to reality. Back to school.Back to work. Back to training again as well. Maybe we'll finally have our lucky break in the next tournament.

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