Monday, July 18, 2005

short lived happiness

Happiness is always relative. Just when it hits you full blast, something will come to remind you to appreciate it while it is still there because you'll never know when it will be taken away from you.

Had a great tourney over the weekend. It was my best performance so far in a women's doubles event. It was not about winning but actually playing well. I told Weevens that for the first time I didnt even think of scores or winning the game-- but just playing for fun. And it worked. My shots were great, my timing was good. I finally saw how strong I could be if only I put my heart to it. I even got to play against the best of the best. My partner and I went up the ladies level 1 champs of powerade 1 and 2- noreen go and rommee tan. We lost of course but it will be a game I shall never forget-- the chance to play against the best is an honor. And hindi kami na zero. We scored a miraculous 1 in the first set and another miraculous 3 in the 2nd set.

But the fun didnt stop there. Prior to that game my partner and I zeroed our opponents in the first game. My partner never even served a single shot. It was a total shock. Then we also won our last two games despite the fact that I was running the backcourt and my partner was in front.

We proved to ourselves last night that we could play well. No matter what others think of us, we did well.

But again happiness is short lived.

I may have won the battle on court but when I got home life became a battlefield. It's quite ironic that to the person who matters that most to me, my glory is not enough. No words of congratulations not even an acknowledgement for a good job. It's even taken against me that I am actually doing well in a sport I love.

Wish life was a bit fairer at times


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