Friday, July 15, 2005

Kupals and the (crazy) things we do for love

Recently I came across some real life jerks out there. Saw how some friends fell prey to jerks and in the guise of being in love, managed to get their hearts (and sometimes credit cards) trampled on. And it left me wondering, why are there such kind of people in this world?

I have always been an idealist and an eternal optimist much to the dismay of my loved ones. I've always given people the benefit of the doubt and I've always liked to believe that people are basically good. But sometimes, jerks and kupals show up that I wonder, are there really good people out there?! True, they may have had rough experiences and really lousy childhoods, but they had no right to hurt people in the process.

Like my friends I also got victimized by a jerk once. We call him the jologs. I attribute it to plain and simple depression. It was a weak moment (or a stupid moment when my IQ was kidnapped by an alien!) in my life when I lost everything I held dear. And lucky for him, he was there. Fortunately for me I got out before things got even serious. And I thank God everyday for that blessing.

This is my simple policy in life-- we all have a choice. No matter how lousy the cards turn out for you, its still your choice to either be good or be bad. And no matter how much hurt you are, you have no right to hurt someone else. Honestly, I pity the kupals out there. I think they have a really sad life.

Thinking about all these made me realize how lucky I am to have some really really good friends-people who look out for me and even if I sometimes take them for granted, they are always there.

thank you for your concern and for always watching out for me.

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Anonymous said...

Your blog really hit bulls' eye mare!! I have a wonderful thought for the day...

"No man is worth a woman's tears, the only man worth it is the one who knows he can make her cry but makes sure it never happens..."