Monday, July 11, 2005

The ironic twists of tournaments...

I've always been a magnet for tournament bloopers. Name the blooper and I'd probably have done it or experienced it. Like one time I forgot to bring my rubbershoes to a tournament and discovered the blooper about 45 minutes before my game. Thank God I had a good friend who rescued me and raced to my house to get it for me. I thought that was the worst thing that could happen until last saturday.

My friend Macre and I partnered once more last saturday and sunday at the 1st Igan Cup held at Yonex Badminton. We were placed in D1. Here is the blooper-- we got mistakenly set against a team from another level (level c) and we won. The blooper? That was the only match we won in the tournament. We lost our matches in our group but actually won a match against a supposedly better team. The sad part though is that the victory was not counted-- it was declared a technical error on the part of the tournament committee. Totally heartbreaking.

I told my sister that I don't know whether I'd be happy or sad. I was happy because we actually won against a more powerful team. But sad because that game cost us the rest of the tournament. We got battered and was so tired after the game that we really collapsed. Our next game was even called barely 20 minutes after that wrong match. As my partner said, Bakit sa lahat ng teams na kasali dun, tayo pa ang minalas na magawan ng ganung error?

I know I made a lot of errors during our plays. I apologize profusely to my partner and my coach. I don't know why but I was so tense. Our errors killed us in the first match and the third match. I guess I just feel so frustrated at myself and my play yesterday. I felt I let everyone down but most so myself. Add that to the equally heartbreaking loss of my coach in her own match. The only thing that cheered me up was a message from my sister who told me she was still proud of me despite my seemingly never ending blooperfilled day.

It was never about losing or winning for me in badminton. Although winning would have been great-- it's really more about knowing you were able to play your best. I know I tried and even played in great pain (pulled a muscle in my left leg) but it was not good enough. And I have to admit, I know it was not my best play. Tension got to me and my partner. Seeing the disappointment in the people I cared for hit me yesterday and it really saddened me. And I know I need to find my heart in badminton again.

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Anonymous said...

Mare, I can relate so much with you regarding your sentiments. I have had doubts whether I'd ever be a good player at a sport I've learned to love so much. Yes, each trophy and medal won is sweet victory but I've learned that defeat is much more enriching for the soul. The natural high you get from friends who are there for you, sweating it out to cheer you on at the bleachers all day--win or lose is the best trophy of all. Being defeated can only make you stronger for the next battle because once you're down, there's no way but up :-) Good luck to all our future tourneys mare!!

Karen T.